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recipe: natural black cocoa cake recipe (Oreo flavor!)

The cake came to be because I wanted to develop a tasty and very dark cake, that wasn’t dark chocolate flavored, that could serve as undyed “space” cake for my galaxy surprise inside cakes. I’m very proud to share this recipe as everyone, even non cake lovers, absolutely love it. I think it’s because it tastes a lot like Oreos if you use great quality black cocoa! And so, if you’re looking for a naturally black cake recipe then you’ve found it! I hope you enjoy this tasty black cocoa cake recipe! #blackcocoacake #oreocake #blackcocoapowder

I've since updated this recipe slightly but here is the most recent full video from my one cake, four formats series black cocoa cake (aka Oreo flavored) from scratch:

Ingredients: Unsalted butter ½ cup (114g) Granulated sugar 3/4 cup (150g)

Brown sugar 1/4 cup (50g) Large eggs 2 Coffee ½ cup (120ml) Buttermilk ½ cup (120ml) Vanilla extract 1 ½ tsp (6ml) All-purpose 1 ½ cups (210g) Cocoa powder ½ cup (70g) Black cocoa powder ¼ cup (35g) Baking powder 1 ½ tsp (6g) Baking soda 1 tsp (5g) Salt ½ tsp (2g)


· Make sure everything is room temperature and your oven is preheated 335F/168C. · Line four, 5-inch cake pans and don’t grease the sides so when the cake bakes, it can crawl up the sides and get some height. · Sift all of the dry ingredients and set them aside. This includes flour, black cocoa powder, cocoa powder, baking powder, baking soda, and salt. · Add a paddle attachment to your mixer to combine your butter and sugars for five minutes. It almost doubles in size and lightens quite a bit. · Scrape down the sides. · Add the eggs one at a time for 20 seconds each until just incorporated on low speed. My mixer is at about speed 2 to 3. · Grab the dry ingredients and wet ingredients. Add a third of the dry mixture to the batter and mix to just incorporated. · Add half of the liquid and mix until just incorporated. · Repeat, alternating additions of flour and the liquid until both just incorporated. · If the batter curdles then the ingredients might not be a room temperature. · Distribute the batter across your four 5-inch cake pans use a knife or angled spatula to pull the batter to the sides.

· Then bang the batter to release any extra-large air bubbles and also fill in the edges.

· Bake for 25-30 minutes or use a toothpick to see if the baking is complete there should be about 5 crumbs.

· Tips:

o If you don’t have black cocoa powder, then substitute that with cocoa powder and add 2 tablespoons of black food coloring; it darkens so stop when it’s dark grey

o Loosen the edges with a thin knife and place on a cooling rack to cool completely

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