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recipe: mini wreath cakes + cream cheese frosting

Make your holiday season more festive with these mini wreath bundt cakes! I share a peppermint bundt cake recipe using a classic Nordic Ware 5 cup anniversary bundt cake pan that isn’t holiday specific. This will be a novelty cake project you love.

For a full video tutorial, you can find that here:



Unsalted butter ½ cup (114g)

Granulated sugar 1 1/2 cups (250g)

Large eggs 3

Peppermint or your favorite extract 2 tsp (8ml)

All-purpose 1 ½ cups (210g)

Baking soda 1/4 tsp (1g) Salt 1/4 tsp (1g)

Sour cream 2/3 cup


· I cream the room temperature butter and sugar for 5 minutes

· Then I incorporate the room temperature eggs one at a time with the extract on the last go

· Sift in all of the dry ingredients in and mix a couple minutes

· It’s easier to add the dry mix in two batches when using a hand mixer

· Incorporate sour cream that has been microwaved for two 30 second increments and mixed until it’s smooth

· I’ve colored with gel food paste green

· I know it's not typical to end with a wet ingredient but this has made my recipe fool proof in the many times I've made it

· Divide and only fill ¾ of the way full

· Tap on counter to release huge air bubbles

· Then place on a tray and bake for 30-35 minutes at the preheated 350 degrees Fahrenheit or until toothpick comes out clean

· Let cool for 15 minutes then invert the pan onto a parchment lined cooling rack

· Slides right out!

· This recipe makes about 8 mini bundts; I noticed it depends on the egg size

· I have to emphasize the parchment paper… because the detail can get stuck in the cooling rack

· There was one cakelette that I cut while it was hot

· It leveled just fine but I learned that it’s worth it to be patient because it helps to wiggle this cake to release it


o Grease with shortening and then refrigerate the pan until you’re ready to pour the batter

o don’t flour the pan this makes the surface goopy

o make sure none of the lose brush bristles stay in the pan

o the shortening whitens when cold/refrigerated so have no worries


In this video, I make a full portion of this delicious frosting but you only need about half so I'm reflecting that below.


Cold cream cheese 8 tablespoons (4 oz )

Room temperature butter 4 tablespoons (56.7g) (I recommend this amount of butter for this portion)

Powdered/confectioner's sugar 1 cup 2 tablespoons (135g)

Vanilla extract 1 teaspoon (4g)

Pink of salt


· Beat together cold cream cheese and room temperature butter until fluffy

· Gradually beat in the powdered sugar a little at a time

· Beat until fluffy and add vanilla to taste

· The leftover could be frozen for up to two months

· For this project, my tip of choice is a 32 but I think it looks great with a round tip too

· Pipe and add sprinkles!

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