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recipe: AMAZING Swiss meringue buttercream frosting

This buttercream is stable and perfect for decorating mini cupcakes, cupcakes, sheet cakes and tall round cakes. It's the sister to Italian meringue buttercream but it is less sweet. I've tried many recipes but this is my go to! #swissmeringuebuttercream #buttercreamfromscratch #vanillabuttercream #cakedecoration #swissmeringuerecipe

Here is the current full video of my Swiss meringue buttercream from scratch:


· Egg whites 7 eggs (210g)

· Granulated sugar 2 cups (400g)

· Room temperature unsalted butter 1 cup (228g)

· Vanilla extract 1 teaspoons (5ml)

· Salt ½ tsp (2g)

· Water 1 inch when in the pot


· Stand mixer (whisk attachment, paddle attachment)

· Metal bowls for making meringue

· Whisk


How to make Swiss meringue buttercream:

Step 1 - prep

Make sure all the equipment is clean and dry (mixer bowl, whisk, two spatulas, sugar bowl, spoons, bowls to separate egg yolks and whites etc.). Carefully separate the yolks from the egg whites. If the yolk breaks for some reason, start over with a new egg (doing this will ensure the pavlova will definitely come together). Don’t throw out the eggs – you can use this for curd. Mix the egg whites and granulated sugar in a metal mixing bowl.

  • Tip: Store the egg yolks in an airtight container

    • Tip: Make sure your mixer bowl is SUPER clean when making the meringue. I recommend washing your bowl and whisk attachment with alcohol and a degreasing soap. Even a tiny amount of oil/fat will make the meringue fall flat and you’ll never get those stiff peaks.

Step 2 - meringue

In a pan over medium heat, simmer about an inch of water (we don't want it to touch the bottom of the pot). I use a bain-marie technique to cook the egg whites and sugar. Place mixing bowl over simmering water and continue whisking and mix for about 3-5 minutes. Rub mixture between fingers and stop cooking if sugar is dissolved. Continue mixing until fully dissolved (if you need to use a thermometer - get the mixture to 160˚F but this isn’t necessary). Wipe the bottom of the bowl and then transfer to an electric mixer, mixing bowl. This transfer stops cooking. In an electric mixer fitted with the whisk attachment, beat the cooked egg whites and sugar on very low until you start to see the first bubbles – this is when I add cream of tartar. Then on medium-high, mix until the bowl is room temperature, this takes about 15 minutes, to get to stiff and glossy peaks. Now add the salt and extract and mix for a couple more minutes.

  • Tip: These instructions are for a stand mixer – I find it’s the most effective way of mixing. If using an electric hand mixer, you may need to add a couple minutes to the mixing time for stiff, smooth and glossy peaks to form.

  • Tip: How to check if the sugar has dissolved - take a small amount of the meringue mix between your fingers and rub it. If you don't feel any granules or grittiness, then the sugar is completely dissolved.

  • Tip: The goal here is to help dissolve the sugar but not to deflate or over-beat the egg whites.

  • Tip: Use super fresh eggs.

  • Tip: It’s way easier to separate eggs when they’re cold. If your egg whites are not at room temperature, place them in a bowl and set over a second bold of warm water for 15 minutes.

Step 3 - buttercream

Switch to paddle attachment and turn onto medium speed. Add chunks of room temperature butter one at a time until each is incorporated. Keep beating until thick.

  • Tip: If the mixture looks lumpy keep going. This can vary based on your climate based on time of year.

Perfect Swiss meringue buttercream success!


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Oct 23, 2021

Hi, I was wondering which recipe you used, the one on this page or the one on your YouTube video? I noticed the ratios were different? Also, I go by weight not cups. Thank you!


May 08, 2021

How much icing does this recipe make? I need to frost the Toy Story surprise inside rocket. Will one recipe do it or do I need to double? Thanks!

May 08, 2021
Replying to

Hey Allison! You can make 2 batches of the above recipe for the toy story surprise inside rocket cake.

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