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recipe + tutorial: cookie monster cupcakes filled with chocolate chip cookie center 🍪

Learn how to decorate Cookie Monster cupcakes - the cupcakes are chocolate and filled with chocolate chip cookie. You will learn how to 1) make chocolate chip cookie mini cupcakes out of pre-made cookie dough 2) make a chocolate cupcake filled with a mini chocolate chip cookie and then 3) I decorate the cupcake Cookie Monster Style. This project is SO super easy for a sesame street get together. #cupcakeideas #cookiemonster #cookiedough

Full video tutorial on my RoxStarBakes YouTube channel here:

Things you will need for this project:

✨Cookie dough

✨Chocolate cake mix

✨Gel food color

✨Candy eyes

✨Edible ink pen

For more detail:

I take pre-made chocolate chip cookie dough and cut it into small chunks.

Roll these into balls, place into a lined mini cupcake tin and bake.

· Then mix your favorite chocolate cake batter and scoop into 24 lined cupcake tins.

· Place baked chocolate chip cookies into the batter.

· Make some Swiss meringue buttercream and mix 2 colors - one in blue and one black.

· The black will be the inside of cookie monster's mouth and the blue will be his fur.

· Take a size 12 scooper and scoop black buttercream onto the cooled cupcake.

· Refredigerate for at least 1/2 an hour.

· Then cut out a mouth - it should look like pac man!

· Then take a 133 or 234 Wilton grass tip filled with blue frosting and pipe his fur.

· If you've ever made a shag carpet cake or shag cupcake this will feel vry familiar.

· Keep the fur short - it's more cookie monster like!

· You can use pre-made candy eyes but I took the extra step of turning them over and using a edible black pen to draw more googly, cookie monster like eyes.

· Press them in!

· Then add some mini chocolate chip cookies!

· Voila! Chocolate Chip Cookie Monster Cupcake baking and decorating success!

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