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tutorial: galaxy surprise inside cake (recipes linked)

Hello there! I’ve updated my Galaxy Surprise Inside Cake and shared the full tutorial on YouTube. I heard the feedback and I loved it – you need to include slicing of the cake Roxie!!! This is the written step by step for ease of use for the making of the planet surprise inside cake portion of the video (not including the Steven Universe cake decorating here but it’s available in my video). One more thing, I hope you love this as much as I loved making it to share! Thank you in advance for checking it out. You can find everything I use here on my 'Favorite Tools' page.

Supplies needed:

Here is the current full video of the update galaxy surprise inside step by step:

Boxed cake mix or from scratch for the space and planet cakes? Both work! And you can use cake mix for both, from scratch for both or a mix of either. I’ll even include a gluten free option below because I love you. This step by step will cover using boxed cake mix but if you want a black cocoa cake or vanilla cake from scratch you can find them here – black cocoa cake from scratch (, gluten free black cocoa cake from scratch ( and vanilla cake from scratch (


· Mix your devils food or chocolate cake mix batter. For flavor, I recommend replacing the water with milk this batter. Also, add some black food coloring to the chocolate cake mix if you weren’t able to find devil’s food cake mix. Cover this batter and set aside.

· Mix your white or vanilla cake mix batter. Again, for flavor, I recommend replacing the water with milk. Also, divide this batter into as many colored portions that you’d like. I always make at least 6 or 7 color gel food color pastes to represent the colors of the rainbow – pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. I learned a while back that simplifying (not creating too many colors) helps make each color stand out when they’re combined.

· I found a cake pop maker for $11 on Amazon and have even seen it as low as $9 (bummed I missed that deal). If you don’t have a cake pop maker handy, you might find my original surprise inside cake video ( handy as I use sphere molds. Both tools are really fun to have but the cake pop maker is less work!

· In the cake pop maker, I like to start by making solid cake balls out of half the colorful cake batter. The cake pop maker signals when the cake balls are done cooking which is really handy. With the remaining batter I make random cake balls in two colors or more. My favorites are the rainbow cake balls! To achieve this, just add cake batter in layers – purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red and then pink.

· Grab or make 4 parchment liners for four 5-inch cake pans. Mark two of those to differentiate the TOP and BOTTOM of the cake. I use a sharpie to make an X but make sure that the marker portion is against the pan and not where batter will touch. Let’s call the cake with an X mark on the parchment cake X. It’s so important not to grease the sides so the cake so it has something to grab onto and rise

· In the two marked cake pans, I place cut cake balls halves and place the cut side onto the bottom of the pan. Add some cake batter and then place more halves along the edges of the cake pan and now add full cake balls on top. Now cover the cake balls with space batter (black batter) and bang the pans to release any air bubbles. Ensure that you are banging really hard – it’s okay to do this along the way.

· In the remaining two cake pans, fill with a little black cake batter and then randomly place the cake balls. Bang the cake pans to release large air bubbles.

· Bake according to the black space cake batter or until a toothpick comes out clean!

· Note: the cake batter expands but the cake balls won’t because they’re already baked. If you follow the recipe won’t dry either which is really nice.

· To release the cakes, loosen the edges with a thin knife and place on a cooling rack to cool completely.

· The cake tends to expand so level the cakes.


· Place some black swiss meringue buttercream (Here’s the written recipe and video recipe that includes a vanilla recipe that could be colored black or a chocolate/black cocoa recipe so food coloring isn’t required) on the cake board to help the cake adhere.

· Place the first cake X onto the cake board with the unleveled side down.

· Add some black buttercream as the filling. You could add some crumble Oreos for texture! I use black filling, so it looks like a continuation of space. Repeat this step, pressing on the cakes in between, and top the cake off with the second cake X with the non-leveled cake against the last cake. This means the side with cake halves will be at the very top of the cake.

· Add a crumb coat to lock in all of the crumbs and moisture. Refrigerate for at least 15 minutes.

· Now frost the cake however you desire! If you love Steven Universe you’ll love my latest galaxy planet surprise inside cake YouTube video

Galaxy surprise inside cake success!!


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