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$12 rainbow cake push pop kit

Post: 7/31/2021

Whatever you call them - push up cake pops, cake push pops, cake shooters - these are so fun!! This project includes everything you need to make a dozen rainbow cake push-pops at home for $12 (and things most people can find at home). I was absolutely inspired by the Flour Shop cake pop-up kit that is $59.95 (or you could purchase them already made for $99.95) at William Sonoma. I went for pastel, but you could easily make these bright and neon. Perfect for any birthday (and easily shippable!). #cakepops #cakedecorating #dessert #ideas

Click here for the full video step by step:

Things we'll use:

  • 1/8th sheet cake pan

  • 2 boxes of white cake mix

  • 12 push pop molds (2” diameter, 7” long)

  • Food color 4 pack (mix yellow and pink to make orange)

  • Ziplock bag

  • Any sprinkles you have at home

  • My Swiss meringue buttercream


Instruction video:

Cake Push-Up Instructions:

Step 1 – Line sheet cake pan.

Step 2 – Prep your favorite frosting. I used Swiss meringue buttercream.

Step 3 – Prep boxed cake mix and color into 5 or 6. I swap the water for milk in the cake mix. Then I split the batter into 6. I use only 5 of the colors for this project but dividing into 6 offers the right heigh for the cake shooter format. When I color the rainbow, I'm going for rainbow vibes! Here's a set that is $2.99 - to make orange, just mix a little pink and yellow. If you'd like to make purple or lavender, mix a little pink and blue. I spread each color individually into my smallest cake pans which is a 1/8th sheet cake pan. Distribute, bang to release large air bubbles, and bake 8-10 minutes.

  • Tip: Some of my cakes were un-even so I leveled the cake.

  • Tip: Remember to be conservative with the color because it's way easier to add than remove color.

  • Tip: If you only have 1, 1/8th sheet cake pan that's no problem. Just bake each color one at a time.

  • Tip: There will be a small amount of browning on the cake but that's fine.

  • Tip: Want a bright cake push up pop? Go for a bold food color set.

Step 4 – Cutting the circles. Once the cake layers are cooled, it's time to cut out the circles. Everyone has different round cake cutters. I just match up the cutter to the diameter of the container - just shy of the width.

Step 5 – Assembling. Pipe buttercream to the handle of the cake push pop containers. Add cake circle and press down firmly. Repeat until you get to the top of the container. I try to keep the edges clean so I don't add too much frosting. Top with sprinkles!

Savings summaries [as of filming]:

cake pop holders $6.99

cake mix $1.19 x 2  

food coloring set $2.99

total $12.36

If we're comparing this to a rainbow pop-up cake kit that i've seen elsewhere at

$59.95 [$47.59 savings]

$99.95 [$87.59 savings]

Rainbow Cake Push Pops Success!!


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