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tutorial: rainbow striped cloud surprise inside cake

What’s better than a rainbow in a beautiful blue sky with white fluffy clouds?

…A cake that looks like a rainbow with a cloud surprise—inside!

And in this tutorial—I’ll share how to create it with you. To see the video of how I put this heavenly creation together, check out my YouTube channel or click here (:

RoxStarBakes Cloud Surprise Inside Cake

For this cake, you will:

Make those sweet white cake clouds.

· Bake a baking pan of my vanilla cake recipe or one box of white cake mix. (Ever seen a brown cloud? Hope not! That’s why you’ll want to take this white cake out of the oven before it browns—even a little.)

· Freeze the finished cake so it’s easier to cut.

· Cut ‘clouds’ from it. (I was able to cut out 48 clouds but aim for at least 30, using a cloud-shaped cookie cutter or a ‘word bubble’ cookie cutter with the ‘pointy-thing’ cut off—like I did. It’s ideal to use a 1.5 inch cutter and I got mine from Daiso!)

Mix up the blue-sky batter!


· Three five-inch cake pans that are lined with parchment paper.

· Put blue cake batter into the bottom of each five-inch pan and spread it around. I find it easiest to use an angled spatula.

Put the clouds in the sky.

Cut the cloud shapes at angles so they will fit in a circle inside the cake pan. Cover the white clouds with more blue batter. This blue batter will expand as it bakes—even though the white ‘cake’ won’t, since it’s already baked.

Bang the pan to release any large, trapped air bubbles. (Bang, bang, bang!)

Bake these guys at 335 degrees Fahrenheit for 23 to 26 minutes or until the toothpick comes out clean. Cool.

Make my delicious (if I do say so myself!) swiss meringue buttercream (SMB) recipe in Roy G Biv (rainbow!) colors.

Assemble the Rainbow Cloud Surprise Inside Cake

When the cakes are cooled, start building! Adhere the first cake to the cake board with some frosting. Then fill each layer, crumb-coat (thin layer of buttercream to lock in crumbs and moisture), and frost using my SMB recipe. I use an ice-cream scoop to distribute the filling, because it helps me get similar proportions of SMB between each layer. And using an angled spatula to spread, it helps me distribute it evenly. I also press down each layer as I add it, so the cake doesn’t tilt later.

Not frost the cake with white buttercream! Refrigerate for at least 30 minutes because this will make it way easier to remove negative space to make stripes.

Use a striped cake scraper to remove the frosting to make way for the rainbow-colored SMB! Apply ‘patience’ with this step. Slowly remove the buttercream one pull at a time; remembering to clean off your cake scraper along the way.

Slowly and accurately as possible, fill each ‘groove’ with colored SMB. Clean frosting off cake scraper before each pass so it doesn’t build up and get re-incorporated.

Remove the colorful buttercream with a flat sided cake scraper.

This cake would be so pretty in a pastel rainbow version, too. Remember, any color combinations will work!

Cloud-shape cake topper

Freeze some Confetti cake (here is my video recipe) to make it easier and less crumbly to slice. The recipe that I use in the video is my own recipe that’s super popular with my friends. Slice the frozen Funfetti cake into various size pieces and arrange in cloud-shape cups.

Frost the insides of a cloud-shaped mold with some buttercream, all the way up the sides. By the way, in this video, I cover half of the mold with rainbow jimmy sprinkle buttercream for variety. Cover the sides enough so none of the sides are exposed. Tap air bubbles after the frosting is applied.

Place cake slices inside of the mold.

Frost the ‘bottom’ of the cloud and then refrigerate for 30 minutes.

If they’re cold enough, they will pop out of the mold easily.

Decorate with a cute kawaii face made from fondant, and place on the top of the cake. (I called my cloud Jimmy—but you can name your cloud anything you want!)

This cake will send you “Somewhere over the rainbow!” (With clouds inside!)

Rainbow cloud surprise cake success!

Rox ⭐️

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