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tutorial: cookie monster cake

Post: 9/10/21

C is for cookie monster cake!!!

I’m back with one of my favorite guys – Cookie Monster! I did a YouTube Poll and you wanted to see a Cookie Monster chocolate chip cookie cake recipe – so let’s do it! This is a 5” round (or 6”), 3 layer cake; if you’re looking for the sheet cake decorating version (but has no recipe), you can find him here [].

Click here for the full video step by step that will be posted 9/11/2021:


Swiss meringue buttercream

Chocolate chip cookie cake


Get all of your decorations together and set aside:

Step 1. Make sure you have your candy eyes and whatever cookies you’d like to decorate the cake with. Scrambling the day of decorating can be stressful so let’s avoid that!

How to make Swiss meringue buttercream:

Step 2 – make 1 batch of this buttercream. Color this your favorite shade of blue and set aside.

· Tip: It’s easier to add then remove so be conservative with the color.

· Tip: This can be made the day before assembling. It actually helps the color settle and deepen.

How to make chocolate chip cookie cake:

Step 3 – make 1 batch of this recipe.

How to make a chocolate ganache filling:

Step 4 – optional ganache. Fill your bowl with some chopped up chocolate or chocolate chips. Heat some heavy cream or coconut cream and fill the bowl until you barely see the chocolate. Stir until completely incorporated.

How to build the cake:

Step 5 – filling and crumb coating. To assemble the cake, place 1 cake layer on a cake stand and adhere with buttercream. If you’re filling the cake with buttercream, I’d use an ice cream scooper to evenly portion the filling. For this project, I use chocolate ganache to fill the cake. And then use an angled spatula to evenly level. Top with a second cake layer and press firmly so the cake adheres. Continue building until the all layers are placed. Use the white frosting to crumb coat the cake by spreading on a thin layer of frosting and then scraping the excess away. It’s a thin layer of frosting to lock in the moisture and capture the crumbs. Then place in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

· Tip: You can use a level to ensure the cake is leveled.

· Tip: Make sure the cake is completely cold.

· Tip: Make sure to press gently between each cake layer to ensure the cake is secure.

Step 6 – frosting the cake. Continue adding frosting to the cake. I find it’s quickest to use a piping bag for the distribution. Tighten the frosting with an angled spatula. Then use a cake scraper to smooth and remove any excess. This is a lighter frosting than usual because we’re about to add his fur.

How to make decorate the Cookie Monster cake:

Step 7 – making a shag fur cake. Get your remaining buttercream into a piping bag fitted with a 352 piping tip. Start piping from the bottom to the top of the cake. I noticed the cutest technique for this is to keep the fur short. Press the tip against the cake, put pressure on the bag, pull away, and stop adding pressure to the bag when the fur is the right length. Please see video for the clearest demonstration of this.

Step 8 – add eyes and cookies. Chop up your cookies if they’re big. Add your eyes and cookies!

· Tip: The cake is fresh for three days and can be kept in the fridge. Allow to get to room temperature before serving for best flavor.

· Tip: Once you’ve sliced the cake, if you place plastic wrap where the slice is removed, it keeps the cake fresher and prevents drying.

Cookie monster cake success!!!


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