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tutorial: how to make edible Agates

Kohakutou edible jelly crystals have been one of the most popular recipes on my Instagram! This doesn’t surprise me at all because they’re translucent and striking when they’re first done. When these Asian treats dry they become crunchy on the outside and stay soft gummy on the inside. And of course what’s most important – these little guys are so delicious because they’re mild, sweet and great textures.

For fun, let’s make some edible agate shaped crystals together! For this project you don't have to purchase any molds - we'll make them together with foil! SUPER easy. And, I know these look like coasters - but please don't use them that way (:.

See my video for a demonstration of how I form agate with edible gummy crystals - so easy and fun!

What can I do with edible jelly crystals in other forms?

· Decorate cakes (Steven Universe Cake or Rainbow crystal cake

· Decorate cupcakes (Rainbow crystal cupcakes

· Decorate cake pops, and more

· Share these as gifts (birthday, anniversary, wedding gifts, just for fun)

Other ideas:

· Geode crystals or kryptonite (

· Rainbow geode crystal cakes

o Steven Universe Crystal Cake (

o Rainbow crystal cake (

· Rainbow geode crystal cupcakes (

Fun facts!

· Kohakutou means amber sugar in Japanese

· Also called Kanom Woon Grop in Thai

· My mother used to make when I was growing up but only once a year because they’re so special!

What makes these awesome?

· Only need three ingredients

· It’s so easy and quick to make

· Gluten-free

· Vegan

· You can easily flavor with unsweetened sparkling water! And there are a bazillion out there

· You don’t need isomalt which I find difficult to eat


· Pot

· Mixing bowls

· Spatulas (avoid wood)

· Foil

· Measuring containers are helpful when needing to work quickly

· Parchment


· you can find the recipe here

Total preparation time:

Mold preparation time is about 10 minutes while cooking time is 10 - 14 minutes, refrigeration time is 30 minutes and drying time (2 to 7 days depending on your location.)


How to make molds!

Step 1 – This can be done in advance. Cut parchment paper into organic agate crystal shapes (looks potato shaped).

how to make agate crystal molds

Step 2 – Take a piece of foil and fold it into thirds.

how to make agate crystal molds

Step 3 – Place the parchment piece on top of the foil and cut around it to match the parchment’s shape.

how to make agate crystal molds

Step 4 – Fold over the edges of the foil (don’t make it too short!) to make a mini bowls! It’s okay if they have ridges and edges.

how to make agate crystal molds

How to make the crystal jelly!

Step 5 – you can find the written details here or visual tutorial in this video

How to color the crystal jelly!

Step 6 – Add color and/ or edible glitter to your crystal mixture. I don’t add the color in advance because it dries and sticks to the bottom of the container. The mixture cools really quickly so I just work very quickly.

how to color the edible jelly crystals
  • Here’s what I do in the video:

  • Container 1: Add a little edible glitter and pink metallic edible art paint.

  • Container 2: Add pink peony Americolor gel food paste and a bit of pink metallic edible art paint.

  • Container 3: Bright white + pink peony Americolor gel food paste.

  • Container 4: Add clear.

How to shape the crystal jelly!

Step 7 – With all the molds on a tray, pour in the different batches like this:

  • Pour 1 – Clear mixture—poured from the center outwards—fast.

how to shape or sculpt edible jelly crystals

  • Pour 2 – Add smaller amounts of white blush mixture, poured again from the center.

how to shape or sculpt edible jelly crystals

  • Pour 3 – Even smaller amounts of blush mixture.

how to shape or sculpt edible jelly crystals

  • Pour 4 – Add the glitter mixture. Then add a little luster directly to the center and stir this around.

how to shape or sculpt edible jelly crystals

  • Step 5 – Add clear sparkling sugar over the white portion of the crystals before it cools to add texture.

how to shape or sculpt edible jelly crystals

  • Step 6 – Place in the fridge to cool for a half an hour. Then pull out, peel away the foil and decorate further.

How to finish off the crystal jelly!

  • Step 8 –

how to make edible jelly crystal kohakutou

Add edible gold foil . . . Or luster dust . . .

Or both!

  • Step 9 – Leave out to dry from 2-to-7 days depending on your climate.

Edible Japanese Kohakutou jelly agate success!


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