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tutorial: rainbow kohakutou gummy crystal cupcakes

In this project, decorate cupcakes with Rainbow Edible Jelly Crystals aka Kohakutou. You will learn how to 1) color the rainbow edible jelly crystals and 2) how I frost my cupcakes 3) how I add these gummy Kohakutou gems to the cupcakes. I had to make a follow on video that included my Kohakatou candy recipe, I made last year! #cupcakeideas #jellycrystals #rainbow

Free full video tutorial on my RoxStarBakes YouTube channel here:

Things you will need for this project:

✨Color Kitchen Food Color

✨Gel food color

✨Pyrex measuring glass

✨my awesome swiss meringue buttercream

✨Funfetti cupcake recipe

✨Kohakutou edible jelly crystal candy

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